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Be A Pro Hockey

BE A PRO HOCKEY will give each client and there families the necessary information and resources to make crucial decisions, when it comes to their amateur, college and professional careers. The choices that they face will shape their future and life and BE A PRO HOCKEY will be there every step of the way. At BE A PRO HOCKEY, LLC we have over 20 years of hockey playing experience consisting of amateur, junior, college and professional levels, as well as well as 10 years of professional coaching and player development experience. These experiences will help coach, guide and walk you through in helping develop and shape your future.

Our goal is to utilize the athlete's skill sets, to create opportunities all while molding them as high character individuals. Making there scholastic goals is a high priority for pre and post hockey career. Prioritizing key components of your athletes future is something we hold to a high standard while securing a major family decision. Contact us at for a consultation today.